About Us

More than 15 years our team providing the service of PTFE coatings to metal details, in addition we have already integrated nonstick ceramic coating (Sol Gel technology). The coatings that we use are from the top manufacturers in USA, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Switzerland. They already possess a certificates of compatibility with food products according to the European norms and standards. The applying these coatings improve the quality of both productivity and hygiene, which is the most important part in the food industry, and there is no influence of the taste of the product. The usage of PTFE coatings gives many manufacturing solutions, and their timely recycling saves future problems.


For our clients

As a company providing this type of service in Bulgaria we have built during the years trust and credibility with our customers. We are providing services to the largest local bread industries, meat and dairy companies, also and other in the food industry, including many small companies. We are working with small mills, bakeries and food hot spots. Our company provide services to companies working in food industry, applying nonstick coating to the surfaces used in baking, transportation, preparation, manufacturing, packaging and the ones used for food storage. But the best of all is that everything is still fit for recycling even after the coating wears off. In the industry we are providing services to a wide range of companies related with PVC, rubber manufacturing, different glues and chemicals, plastic, packing and many others.