The products made with PTFE like plates, tubes, rods, belts, but also those made with ceramic nonstick coating finds their wide range use in medicine, automobile industry, domestic industry, the chemical, the oil, the textile, military, aerospace and nuclear energetics and etc.

They are being used in places where it is necessary to use slide in parts like bearing,

bushing, gears, lamellas and others.

Тhe most important part in food industry is the hygiene, that’s why when you’re producing all kinds of foods you need to keep everything clean. Thanks to the low coefficient of friction and high smoothness of the coating there isn’t residue material from previous production or operation that creates difficulties and inconvenience in handling a subsequent article in the same operation. The cleaning and maintenance is easy and fast.

The resistance of the coating depends on its type and the usage and period of exploitation The resistance of the coating is determined by it’s type, application and exploitation. If it is used in direct contact with chemical, aqueous solutions and liquids it can last for generations.