• Single layer PTFE coating /black metallic/
  • Multi-layer PTFE coating /for special needs/
  • Double layer PTFE system /black metallic/
  • Double layer PTFE system with ceramic filler /blue metallic
  • Single or double layer ceramic system /white metallic or white lacquer/


Applying coatings on:

  • Machinery parts and details
  • Non-standard details
  • Parts for the food industry
  • Baking rollers for copying machines
  • Heater plates for packing and other machines
  • Recycling of details with damaged nonstick coating
  • Almost all kinds of black and colored metals
  • Nonstick coating in combination with powder coating to give a perfect look of the leemnt

*All coatings comply with all European directives for compatibility with food, possessing the necessary certificates.