PTFE is in the Guinness book of records as the material with the least friction – both static and dynamic – 0,02 and it’s comparable to friction on wet ice over wet ice. A ceramic coating is considered a successor with improved parameters, application and properties. Some of the nonstick coatings are used for pans and pots, and other kitchen utensils. PTFE has very low chemical reaction and it is used in all containers and tubes that might be storing highly active chemicals. It has great electrical characteristics even in the case of high voltage/frequencies and that is why is being used for isolation of cables, coupling and others. In combination with its high melting point, PTFE is more efficient and resistant compared to the less resistant and heat proof  polythene used as a cheap solution. Thanks to the low coefficient of diathermanous of our coatings are in practice heat insulation material. Do not burn or ignite and are very resistant to high and low temperatures. C-Lyer