On what kind of material can the coatings be applied? –    Nonstick coatings can be applied on almost all black or color metallic surfaces. Are they resistant to acids and solutions? –    In practice there isn’t a chemical that can affect and damage in any way the PTFE coating, but the ceramic coating is not recommended in that case. How the detail/material needs to be prepared? –    It is important to note that the process of applying the coating requires high temperatures (above 4000С), so that excludes any plastic and rubber details, bushing, O-rings, springs, magnets etc. which might be damages during the process. –    All of them have to be removed in advance from the detail before the process is started. –    The processing of the pad is entirely our concern, it is in accordance with process. What is the thickness of the coating and its smoothness and roughness? –    The thickness of the layer of the coating might be from 10 to 70 µ depending on the requirements for the detail. –    The smoothness/roughness of the layer depends also on the usage of the detail that’s going to receive the coating, but the maximum smoothness might be between 2,5 – 3 µ.